The Chicago Public Library protects the open and rampant use of Internet pornography by library patrons. This blog is an attempt to bring awareness to this issue and enact change.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Slow Progress, and not even at CPL - but we'll take it!


Looks like the library in Owosso, MI is starting to rethink their current stance on free and open Internet porn use. I commend the individuals who helped to make this happen - you are awesome! ;)

But the fact that anything needs to be done about this at all just makes my head spin. I don't understand how common sense was lost on such a large scale. Is it laziness? Maybe it all just boils down to the fact that librarians "don't want to be police" and they feel like monitoring computer use would be policing.

But they have to monitor use on some level - otherwise the public libraries of our great nation wouldn't be able to assure us that child porn wasn't allowed in their facilities. Well - the struggle continues.

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