The Chicago Public Library protects the open and rampant use of Internet pornography by library patrons. This blog is an attempt to bring awareness to this issue and enact change.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inside Edition Investigates CPL!

Inside Edition Investigates Who's Lurking Inside Our Library!

First, let it be known that I simply can't even believe that this is still going on. Seriously?! Anyway, the porn peddling that CPL insists they "have no ability to control" is continuing to be noticed. Glad that IE caught wind of it.

Important that they even noticed how guards are patrolling the patrons as they use the machines. There goes the argument that monitoring computer use will create a police state, eh? Any old way - again, there are several children near people that absolutely have to watch porn in public - no matter the cost. GRRRR!

We can only hope that as more people are affected by this horribleness, the outcry will become even greater and change will finally be known. Then the public library can once again be a place you can leave without immediately feeling like you need to bleach your eyeballs. Or maybe just a place you can take your children with you to pay a bill online. (We hear ya single mommas...)

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